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Camden Council needs to listen and review the policy on rubbish collections

08 March, 2018

• REGULAR readers will know that Camden Conservatives have consistently pressed the local Labour Party to reconsider their disastrous cuts to bin collections that destroyed their own manifesto commitment to maintain a weekly service.

Yet despite the public outcry Labour have so far refused to listen to residents or accept their mistake. There is now an important opportunity for Labour to address the concerns of residents.

Hidden in the small print of Camden Council’s website was a commitment that the new contract reducing general waste collections from weekly to fortnightly for many residents would be “reviewed annually” and that the council could “tweak the system where necessary”.

On April 1 (sadly not an April Fools) it will be a year since they cut the bin collections. Why hasn’t the council been consulting the public in readiness for this important moment?

Camden Council needs to get around the table with us and local residents to listen to concerns about fortnightly bin collections. They need to be transparent with the evidence that fly-tipping, vermin problems, and littering are increasing.

They need to hear ideas for improving recycling at all stages but most certainly when they have a contractual opportunity to do so. They also need to do a proper cost analysis to see if – with all its problems – the contract is making the modest “savings” we were promised.

We have created a costed alternative budget that allows weekly collections to be restored taking into account the financial pressures facing the council. After all, the claimed savings were only one thousandth of the council’s overall budget!

Camden can use the review to ask the contractor, Veolia, to restore weekly collections right across the borough and make sure that the contractors address other issues. For example, residents complain that too often bins are left strewn across the pavements.

Camden Conservatives will work constructively with the Labour Party and with Camden Liberal Democrats (who now oppose the change to bin collections after previously supporting Labour in cutting collections).

If the Labour Party refuses to listen to residents and accept that they got this wrong, then right across the borough people will know that it’s only the Conservatives who have been consistently committed to weekly collections for all parts of Camden.

Frognal & Fitzjohns Conservatives


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