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Buy-one-get-one-free for better policing!

07 December, 2017

• CAMDEN Conservatives have long campaigned for the council to make use of the Met Patrol Plus “buy one get one free” scheme on police officers.

For every pound the council puts in towards a new police officer, City Hall puts in another – meaning that Camden could get twice as many new police officers for its taxpayers’ money.

We set out costed plans for new officers in our alternative budget amendment this year and will do so again in February.

At the full council meeting on November 20 the Conservatives proposed a motion backing the “buy one get one free” police officer scheme.

Unfortunately Labour were completely unwilling to take up this scheme to provide more police for Camden residents, preferring party political posturing by amending the motion to remove all reference to the policy and ensuring the meeting did not get to debate it.

Labour do nothing, but Camden Conservatives have a plan for more police on our streets.

Conservative candidate for Hampstead Town


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