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Search for Adolf the cat sparks row over pet’s name

Have you seen missing black and white cat?

22 March, 2021 — By Geoffrey Sawyer

Adolf the cat

IF your cat goes missing, it’s time for a search of the shed, posters on lampposts and, in more recent times, a lookout plea on social media with neighbours always willing to keep an eye out.

But one unfortunate owner in the north-west of the borough might have regretted turning to the neighbourhood app NextDoor after asking if anybody had seen her black and white cat, Adolf.

The usual promises to share the appeal appeared this week and commiserations that a loved pet had vanished. But some users could not hold back from questioning why the animal had apparently been named after Hitler.

One said they would not be able to “cuddle an Adolf”, while others said more forcefully that she should change its name when it was found and that there was nothing funny about his fascist regime.

In a series of posts, the suitability of the name was debated before the owner said that her partner was foreign and “didn’t even know the name was associated with Hitler” and it was also called Adolfo.

One reply defended people’s right to choose whatever name they liked for their pets and asked users to tone down the criticism while the cat remained missing somewhere near Cricklewood.

“Yes, monstrous man, but not the only one,” it said. “Stalin, for that matter, was not any better, some think worse. Yet, if the cat was called ‘Joseph’, would anyone even notice? The whole argument is ridiculous.”

Another said: “What’s wrong with the name Adolf? The name has been alive for centuries and still is. My cat is called Elvis and is not a drug addict and not a cocaine sniffer.”

A further response said it was “tempting” due to some cats’ black and white markings, but they had instead chosen the name Crossword for their pet.

The post later disappeared without any indication as to whether Adolf had been found or not.

Adolf’s owner has been in contact and has asked readers to keep looking out for her lost cat. We will pass on any sightings/information sent to the CNJ to her.


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