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Brexit is reversible

10 May, 2018

• WHEN doorstepping for the local elections it struck me just how split my neighbourhood still is over Brexit.

Indeed, one man proudly told me that there were only three Brexiters on his street and “We all know who they are.”

However many of the people I subsequently spoke to on this street seemed unaware that Brexit is reversible.

Lord Kerr, who played a key role in drafting article 50, pointed out in November last year that we can change our minds at any stage of the process.

Brexiters must be held to account for their broken promises made during the EU referendum campaign.

As such I have not only signed up to demand a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal but have also volunteered to campaign with Open Britain Hampstead to encourage others to follow suit.

Frognal Gardens, NW3


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