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Beware the dangers of wi-fi and 5G

31 October, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• REGARDING “Scrap the digital rooftops programme” (Letters, October 10), I would like to add some more information.

Electromagnetic fields affect all elements of reproduction, including foetuses, the damage can pass on to future generations.

We have yet to see the full effects after one generation using wi-fi. It causes the blood/brain barrier to break down resulting in Alzheimer’s or autism later in life, we already have an epidemic of that.

Childrens’ brain cancers have hugely increased. Doctors don’t know why, because when they were trained there was probably no wi-fi.

The World Health Organisation expects a tidal wave of cancers globally, as it is a class B carcinogen to humans.

It has been found that after only six minutes of wi-fi use, the red blood cells are affected and it also weakens the immune system.

The city of Brussels and several US cities are not allowing 5G to be installed as its safety has never been tested.

Finally the Wireless Association says it has never claimed wi-fi to be safe. The UK and especially London should do likewise.



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