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Being eco-friendly saved the lives of a whole litter of kittens!

30 May, 2019

With the climate crisis and anti-plastic movement filling the news daily, it’s a given that the majority of us now keep a stash of ‘bags for life’ in an effort to save the environment (and our pennies).

 For one such member of the public, their commitment to being eco-friendly proved to be extra important – saving the lives of a whole litter of kittens!

 The unsuspecting gentleman kept his collection of bags in his shed, and had the surprise of his life when he discovered a pregnant stray cat had got in and given birth inside a sturdy, vegetable pattered Iceland shopper!

The five kittens he found were only a couple of days old, and their mum – a local stray – was doing her best to look after them in dark, cramped but sheltered space she had found.

During ‘kitten season’, it’s extra important that everyone checks their gardens, sheds, cars and garages for stray cats and kittens, who will be drawn to the warmth and shelter to give birth and raise newborns if they have nowhere else to go.

Please see the attached press release for the full story on our ‘vegetable kittens’, including their happy ending – we also have supplementary photo and video content available on request.

We hope you will help us to share their tale, and raise awareness of kitten season over the upcoming summer months.

Mayhew Animal Home, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ

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