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Animal Welfare Appeal by Mayhew

13 June, 2019

For the Vets and Animal Welfare Officers at Mayhew, this and every morning bring forth new surprises – some sad, and many shocking.

A few weeks ago, we were called out to help a stray cat with a terrible looking head wound, which was discharging foul-smelling pus and blood.

 Four-year-old Augustus had an abscess the size of a golf ball on his forehead, caused by an infected cat bite. The tissue surrounding the abscess had become necrotic, and Augustus’ left eye was half closed due to the swelling and scabbing.

Left untreated, the abscess would have made Augustus feel extremely ill, and may eventually even have led to his death. Unfortunately, wounds such as these are common in cats, as unneutered and unvaccinated felines often fight and attack each other to assert dominance. Cats claws and teeth are covered in bacteria, making it easy for the contagion to spread.

Luckily, we got to Augustus in time. After two flushing procedures under general anaesthetic, as well as a course of pain relief and antibiotics, he is set to make a full recovery and is look forward to finding a forever home as soon as his wound is healed – saving him from the streets and further diseases.

 It costs Mayhew over £400 to treat an animal with an abscess, and Augustus is only one of many we will see this month alone. Please help us share his story and spread awareness – we could not carry out the life-saving work that we do without your support.

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