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Ambulance couldn’t find me as I had a stroke

07 February, 2019

‘The only time Camden Council seems to act is after a tragedy’

• I COLLAPSED to the floor, everything was spinning round, somehow I managed to crawl to the telephone and dialled 999, I lay there waiting.

A while later the phone rang, it was the ambulance, they could not find me, I directed them, they rushed me to the severe stroke unit at University College Hospital, a team of doctors and nurses were waiting for me.

I could not walk or see properly, it was some weeks before I was discharged into the care of district nurses and others.

I found out the ambulance could not locate my council block of flats as it had no number on it, and it was in such a position it was not easy to spot (the nurses that attended me could not find it either).

I phoned the housing officer and told him of the problem, but instead of the concern I expected he said why couldn’t the ambulance look it up. I have been emailing the same housing officer since early December and nothing has been done.

There are elderly and vulnerable people here in this block. Why put them in danger because the emergency services cannot find them? The only time Camden Council seems to act is after a tragedy.



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