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Alone and naked? Corbyn could be on winning streak

01 June, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

IS Jeremy Corbyn on a winning streak?

Not in the sense that he will win the election race.

But that in some way he is heading with zest, whatever happens next Thursday, to the finishing post.

Anyone who has tried to read the runes and study his body language would have to concede that something has happened psychically to him.

Before the election he would, at times, walk in a slightly shambling manner.

Now, either the image-makers have got to work on him, or something in him has at last taken over, and he is himself for the first time.

He walks with something akin to a swagger and an air of confidence as if to the Manor Born.

The Conservatives don’t quite know how to react to him. They’re still playing the negative game, seizing his past political pronouncements as evidence of his unworthiness of being a prime minister.

It’s a negative campaign – and it is clearly not working, judging by the recent polls.

Theresa May

Seven days is a long time in politics – and anything can happen between now and next Thursday.

Some opponents will label him as an extremist.

We said in his leadership campaigns that he wasn’t essentially far-left.

He was more Wilsonian or even of the Atlee mould.

If that is being far-left then millions who voted for Wilson in the 1970s and Atlee in the 1940s were far-left – and that, historically, is not the case.

The day Labour published its manifesto was the day Jeremy Corbyn really won.

Not the election, though the populist appeal of the manifesto may pull in votes, but the fact that Jeremy Corbyn was able to put his vision of another kind of society before the electorate for the first time.

Whatever happens in the election, this, to Jeremy Corbyn, and hundreds of thousands of his supporters, is the moment they had been waiting for. Even if there is a landslide for Mrs May, they will feel they have achieved some­thing. But if, as is possible, Labour only loses 20 or 30 seats, Mrs May will be back where she started, without a massive majority, and still flanked by a likely strong cohort of Brexiteers – a prospect she dreads.

Mrs May will probably win the election. But not how she planned it. The only person smiling will be Jeremy Corbyn.

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