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Act now against dangerous and destructive HS2

11 September, 2020

Sign up to anti-HS2 petitions and show your support

• MORE and more people are becoming aware of the dangerous, destructive, threat HS2 poses along with the government’s ruthless, arrogant, and blatant, determination to go ahead with this white elephant.

As well as Boris Johnson and HS2 flouting climate change law, and denying us our democratic rights, the government goes from one blunder to the next.

It is evident that they are not on the side of the British public and are doing us all great harm, especially during a pandemic, and in such hard economic times.

Even with those such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, and Sir David Attenborough against them, the government is still not listening.

I wonder if the Queen realises that both she and parliament were misled and lied to by senior government officials, when she gave her Royal Assent to HS2 in 2017.

Please sign up to anti-HS2 petitions and show your support for the new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill, which should give us hope, and a people’s assembly, with democracy for all to share, and to have a say in our children’s destiny, whether rich or poor.

Do it right now.

And last but not least, write and inform the Queen, politely, of what was done in her good name.




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