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A serious or fatal accident is waiting to happen at this junction

08 March, 2018

• AN accident or death is waiting to happen at the crossing at the top of Fortune Green and Finchley Road over to Platts Lane and Platts Lane vehicles turning left onto the Finchley Road.

There is danger as the traffic lights turn red on this junction of Finchley Road (north) the lights on the other side (going south) take another two to three minutes before turning red.

That is compounded by the lights at Platts Lane crossing over to Fortune Green Road or left onto Finchley Road, on a large rounded blind corner obstructing vision of both vehicles and pedestrians alike which turn green only seconds later which is very hazardous.

Neither pedestrians nor cars turning left onto Finchley Road can see anybody crossing until too late. The north and south lights at this junction need to be co-ordinated and a couple of minutes given before the lights turn green from Platts Lane to turn left onto Finchley Road southwards.

I hate to think what it will take to make these minor adjustments for pedestrian safety.

Fordwych Road, NW2


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