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A new construction management plan for 100 Avenue Road developers?

25 October, 2019

• A PUBLIC meeting held by developers Essential Living (EL) on a new (CMP) construction management plan for their 100 Avenue Road 24-storey skyscraper will be at Swiss Cottage library on October 30 at 6pm.

These proposals are available to view and comment on at: (see first four boxes). Note, the plan may change again on November 1 when submitted to Camden Council.

It has just been revealed that the main reason for these material changes is because London Underground Ltd (LUL) will not allow construction cranes to haul building materials over the pit lane (aka 13 bus stop) so close to the Swiss Cottage Avenue Road tube entrance, consequently bigger lorries are needed to save time.

Yet the programme is already six months behind schedule, mainly due to the difficulties using the Winchester Road/Eton Avenue market route.

And, given the intended location and function of these cranes were well known by the time the CMP went to committee a year ago, why was the current CMP approved?

• Shouldn’t Transport for London (TfL) and LUL first give their full agreement on all aspects of the CMP that affects their assets before the CMP is submitted to the council for recommendation – to save waisting every one’s time again?

• How will introducing these massive 54ft articulated lorries per day through Swiss Cottage Open Space, our only green lung, affect the pollution levels here, which, according to Imperial College, is already 5.3 times above the NO2 EU limit?

• Have TfL accounted for how the increased traffic around the gyratory will impact the rest of the traffic along the main roads and surrounding local streets, and what knock-on effect this will have further afield such as on Hampstead and St John’s Wood?

• Will TfL attend the meeting to answer these questions and confirm their full agreement of this new plan?

Camden and EL will receive our comments / objections until November 14, then officers will make their recommendation to the members’ briefing panel who will decide whether the new CMP goes to full public planning committee hearing.

Please send your questions and comments to: cc:, and Please comment only on the CMP, not the scheme itself.

Chair, Save Swiss Cottage

Chair, Winchester Road Residents’ Association

Chair, Cresta House Residents’ Association

Chair, Combined Residents Association of South Hampstead


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