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A day for Amy

Celebration of the Amy Winehouse legacy with free performances and talks in Camden Market’s Amphitheatre and Atrium

14 September, 2018 — By Róisín Gadelrab

THE Amy Winehouse statue in the heart of Camden Market has become as much of a place of pilgrimage for her fans as her home in Camden Square.

As what would have been the late singer’s 35th birthday approaches, Camden Market and the Amy Winehouse Foundation have teamed up with a number of other organisations to pay tribute to the singer’s legacy with A Day For Amy – both in music and in helping young people facing similar struggles to those that Amy faced.

Under the watchful eye of Amy’s statue, singers from a number of youth groups will perform in the market’s Amphitheatre on Saturday (September 15), the day after Amy’s birthday.

“We’ve done a fair amount of work with the Amy Winehouse Foundation in the last few years,” said Camden Market marketing manager Steph Dye. “The statue was put up in 2014 but this year felt like a bit of a special year as it would’ve been Amy’s 35th birthday. So we put our heads together with the Foundation about how we could support her legacy, not just for her music, which is cherished and celebrated – lots of people come to the market from all over the world to take pictures by her statue – but also the legacy of the Foundation which deals with issues that Amy struggled with. We’re making it a day not just about music.”

Camden Youth Service, the Joe Strummer Foundation, ICMP (Institute of Contempo­rary Music), Hackney-based Generation Uncovered, which works with young people unsigned and undiscovered, Amy’s Yard, which is part of the Foundation, and Busk In London are all putting on performances from young musicians between 1pm and 6pm on the day.

Frida Von Hertzen will perform at 3.10pm

Steph said: “The music side is all about young people and talent. It’s all about giving them a platform and sharing a little bit. I’m sure a few Amy tracks will be played there. That’s the outside part of the day.”

Indoors, the Atrium reception, close to the Amphitheatre, will be taken over for the non-music side of the day.

“We’ve been working closely with a lot of local youth and community organisations – this is supporting legacy of the Foundation and in support of young people facing the same issues Amy faced,” said Steph. “We’re going to have a lot of groups delivering workshops on mental health substance misuse, as well as workshops, talks, performances and information if young people would like to reach out.”

Blue Lily performs at 2pm

There will also be a more light-hearted element, with Amy-style hair, make-up and tattoos, and Amy merchandise on sale, while Amy’s music videos and live performances will be projected on a loop throughout the day.

Steph said: “As much as A Day for Amy is about reflection, it is also a day for celebration and inspiration. Over almost 45 years the market has been a part of Camden, it has always been a hub for the borough’s music scene, with each generation going forward to inspire the next movement or genre. It’s important that this day is not only a springboard for the plethora of talent performing on the day but that it is also inspiring to those watching and enjoying everything that this celebration has to offer, in order for them to also reach their own full potential.

“As much as Amy Winehouse’s legacy lives on within her music, it also lives on in the fantastic work of the Foundation, supporting young people who are facing similar issues and challenges.”

Performances on Saturday, September 15, in the Amphitheatre include:

1pm-1.30pm – Camden Youth Service + Friends;
2pm-2.30pm – The Joe Strummer Foundation and Busk In London ft Blue Lily, Angie A and Hanna Dunn;
3pm-3.30pm – ICMP ft; 3pm – Brunette (Ellen Georgiou);
3.10pm – Frida Von Hertzen;
3.20pm – Anna Koshino (Natsumi Kobayashi);
4pm-4.30pm – Generation Uncovered ft Deeriginal, Jade Tamara, Taite Edwards and Brandon Murray;
 – Amy’s Yard ft Joash, Pearl Fisher, Rochelle, Shallise, Mister Sanders and Nicky Flavo.

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