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A change in the law on liability would cut the number of these road incidents

07 September, 2017

• I CANNOT sympathise enough with the family of the cyclist killed on Camden Road who are, like so many others reported in these pages, suffering the completely needless anguish from the death of their loved one (Cycle death: Why still no safety plan? August 31).

I say “needless”, because the incident could so easily have been avoided. If we had a system of “presumed liability”, like is the case in so many other countries in the world (where the rate of such motor vehicle-cyclist-pedestrian-related incidents is demonstrably lower), would the man have been killed? I suspect not.

The majority of such incidents would be eliminated by a change in the law. We need to address this matter with a degree of urgency.

As you stated in your leader: “a more radical approach is needed”. More details on presumed liability can be found at:



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