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Brothers plead guilty to public nuisance after seven-hour rooftop siege

Police say men 'wastefully diverted resources away from other incidents'

03 May, 2019

TWO brothers have pleaded guilty to public nuisance offences, affray and criminal damage after a seven hour rooftop stand-off in Kilburn.

Residents had the sound of police helicopters whirring above their heads for a whole evening in March as officers tried to convince Billy Watson, 20, and Charlie Watson, 18, to come down. Some people were unable to get to their homes.

Police had received reports that they had a gun, but unknown to the negotiating officers this was untrue. The brothers, from Enfield, threw tiles from the roof after climbing over garden fences and scaling homes in Kingsgate Road via scaffolding.

Charlie and Billy Watson

Both pleaded guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday) and will be sentenced later this month.

The court heard how patrolling officers had noticed two men acting suspiciously near a motorbike in a car park off Kingsgate Road. They stopped their car to speak to the men, but both ran off, sparking the siege.

The bike was found not to have been stolen.

Detective Constable Dean Puzey said: “The actions of both men caused a huge disturbance to the local community. A number of local residents were displaced for several hours. The incident required the attended of many local officers, specialist police units and resources from the London Ambulance Service. This wastefully diverted these resources away from other incidents.”

He added: “Owing to the nature of the incident, the attendance of the National Police Air Service (NPAS) was necessary, but I am aware the noise disturbed many people. Both these men broke tiles off the roofs and threw them at officers, endangering their safety and causing damage to many properties. I hoped the prosecution will reassure the local community that those cause such wanton damage and disruption will face the consequence of their actions .”


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